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Insurance & Disability Info
ILADS Support for Federal Lyme Bills
U.S. Federal Lyme Bills Proposed
Lyme Legislative Recap
Making Your Voice Heard
Bringing Medicine Back to the Patient and Doctor Team

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Helpful points for when writing letters
ILADS Helpful Points
How To Influence Your Elected Officials
Top Ten Rules of Advocacy
United States Congressmen
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State Medical Boards
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Newslink News Sources
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CT Public Act No. 09-128
PA Resolution 652 (2004)
NY Assembly Resolution 2155
RI Laws
RI Bill Text S-1173
RI Bill Passed
CT Public Act 99-284
New England Governors' Resolution
US HR 1179 Lyme Act of 2009
US Senate Bill #1708
US Senate Bill #1527
Senate Bill Announced
Senate Vaccine Bill
Maryland Lyme Bill (pdf)
CA Lyme Disease Awareness Week Resolution
NJ Lyme disease legislation
New Hampshire Resolution
Florida HB1013/SB2022
California Bill #2097
CA #2097 Veto Note
New Jersey Assembly #912
New Jersey Senate #88
PA Bill Introduced
PA Senate Bill #1335
PA House Bill #1534
PA Senate Bill #555
PA House Resolution 661
Art's Legislative Links

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Legislation Search
CDC Wonder Search
Search FirstGov
State Govt Resources
CRISP search for NIH research
National Library of Medicine
GuideStar Non-Profit Search
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Another Patent Search
NIH Grants
FDA Search
Government Printing Office
PubMed Journal Search
Many complete text Journal articles

Lyme Activist Websites:

United States Support Groups
Canada Lyme Action Group
Stand Up For Lyme
Lyme Rights
LDA's Government Action
CALDA Activism (CA)
Nancy Berntsen's Interview Notes
James Martin's Site
Kaiser Papers
In Memory of Domingo (Mascot)

Interesting Materials:

Hearing Testimony
The Controversy in NY
The Lyme Conspiracy
Pat Smith's NY Hearing Testimony
Conflicts of Interest in Lyme (.doc file)
NY State Lyme Letters
Press Releases
Why did Dattwyler....?
Yale Conflict of Interest
Info on Dr. Bleiweiss
Info on Dr. Orens
Info on Dr. Natole
The Fed Government on Lyme
LymePAC Press Release (Feb., 2000)
Professor Responds to Investigation
Interpret Steere with Caution
Aetna's Medical Policy
BCBS's Medical Policy
NIH Lyme related grants
Art's Lyme Persistence Abstracts-Special
Art's Long Term Therapy Abstracts-Special
Pat Smith LDA Speeches
Outdated Action Alert March 2000
Outdated Action Alert September 2000
Outdated Action Alert June 2001- A
Outdated Action Alert June 2001- B

Selected Press Coverage:

Congresswoman Kelly's Plan
Local activists attend legislative hearing on Lyme
Group cites targeting of doctors who treat chronic Lyme
A War Over Lyme Disease
Patients to protest talk by Lyme disease discoverer
The Dirty Truth About Lyme Disease Research

General Advocacy Links:

E-The People
Online Petitions
20/20 Vision Grassroots Activism
Activism and Advocacy, and Patient Rights
Activism Strategy
CFIDS Advocacy
Citizens for Health
How to Lobby
FOI Requests
The Virtual Activist
Investigative Reporting