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We Miss You, Domingo!

Domingo, a Lyme disease advocate and beloved mascot to our cause for proper diagnosis and treatment of Lyme borreliosis passed away February 20th 2005 at his home. Domingo, or fondly recalled as "Al Steer", was a 10 yr old Holstein steer. He worked to expose as much Steere bull that he could. His advocacy stretched across the United States. His attitude was to "grab the bull by the horns" and expose the truth. His best known advocacy was noted at the "November 2000 Teachout" which took place at (to go against) the 35th Annual Meeting of the American College of Rheumatology & Association's of Rheumatology Health Professionals Conference, where Dr. Steere was announced as the "Lyme Disease Specialist" and touted his 30 day treatment / over-diagnosis theory.

Domingo Picture

On 11/1/00 the full length of the building was plastered with "Domingo" to gain attention. The building was lined with foam board signs and three sided display boards exposing the "bull" which was going on inside of the conference center. Lunch break provided tremendous traffic from conference attendees who received scientifically backed literature regarding the negligence and malpractice of not diagnosing/treating Lyme disease.

After the break, there were many questions for Steere, which according to a reporter, "Steere had gotten angry and ran off. He cancelled the class".

The parting note from a neighbor (who adored Domingo) says..."We thought you might like to plant this tree in memory of Domingo. It's a Giant Sequoia, the tree we thought was most like Domingo. Big, strong and beautiful."

Many thanks and our deep appreciation to "Al Steer" (aka) Domingo, and his wonderful family, most of all his beloved owner, Miguel Perez-Lizano who supported Domingo's advocacy for Lyme Disease Awareness.

By Theresa Denham, March 2005