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Medical Insurance Issues:

Patient Rights Website
Patient Advocate Foundation
Insurance Reimbursement for Brand Name Meds
Worker's Comp Lyme Case
Aetna's Lyme Policy
Kaiser Papers & Lyme
When Your Insurance Company Won't Pay
How to Appeal Health Plan Decision (pdf)
Health Care Advocates
Medical Neccessity article
Health Administration Responsibility Project
The ERISA Industry Committee
Ctr for Health Care Stategies
Govt Agncy Health Care Pol & Research
How to Play HMO Hardball
National Association of Insurance Commissioners
Hiring a Lawyer as Coach
American Pro Se Association
Lyme Bibliographies
Lyme Hearings
Jury awards $1.7 million to Cecil teen
New York Lawsuit

Disability Links:

Helpful Disability Information and Resources
Eligibility for SS Benefits Based on Lyme Disease
Applying for Benefits with Lyme Disease
Disability Issues Listserv
Documenting Disability (pdf)
Discussion on disability
More Discussion
Info on Returning to Work
CFIDS Disability Info Website
Subjective Symptoms Disability Claims
SSA Guidelines for CFS
Immune System Disorders
CFIDS Disability Benefits
SSD: Do You Qualify?
Disability Claim Representation
Social Security Administration Site
Medicare Page
Center for Medicare Advocacy
American Association of People with Disabilities
Legal & Advocacy Resources
Disability Lawyers

Other Assistance Programs:

Angel Flight America
The Air Care Alliance
Medication Assistance
Infuserve IV services
Needy Meds
Needy Meds Company List
Pfizer's Patient Assistance Program
Merck's Patient Assistance Program
Sanofi-Aventis' Patient Assistance Program
Helping Patients
The Medicine Program
Free Medicine Program
Rx Assist
Rx Hope
Benefits Check-Up
Info From San Francisco DOH
Canada Drugs
Granville Pharmacy
Cross Border Pharmacy
RF Drugstore
NY's Catastrophic Healthcare Expense Program
State Medicaid Programs

Getting Involved:

Patients are Powerful
Consumers for Quality Care
Nat'l Committee to Preserve SS and Medicare
Lyme Advocacy