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June 17th's article entitled "Stalking Dr. Steere" portrays Steere as the victim who is being stalked, threatened and harrassed by Lyme disease patients and advocacy groups. He indicates in the article he is afraid for his life, and he has hired security as well as a public relations firm to keep a lower profile. Steere feels most threats come from those to whom he denied treatment, those with "chronic" Lyme.

The author (Grann) cites Steere as one of the world's most renown medical researchers and rheumatologists and quotes Steere as saying there is no chronic Lyme disease and that he believes all those patients instead have fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue or some sort of psychiatric disorder. He also discusses the increased power of the patient and advocacy community, which is rapidly gaining political and medical allies. The movement is fueled by the Internet and insurance company denials.

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In the articles listed below, two studies are presented. In one study, participants were treated with 30 days of intravenous Rocephin 2g followed by only 200mg of doxycycline for 60 days. Many Lyme disease patients find more aggressive therapy to be effective, when the above regimen has failed. If this is you, please share your experience.

The other study concluded that a single dose of an antibiotic can halt Lyme disease in its tracks. I feel this is likely to put people at greater risk for chronic Lyme by reducing the level of the bacteria, yet not eradicating the infection. Participants were only followed for 6 weeks after the tick bite.

(Links for both studies are below)

Please be polite and brief. Put in a simple quote from the article. How does your experience, and that of your physician, contradict or support (ie. statements by Gaito, Fallon, etc.) the statement in the article?

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Two Studies:
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