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Rhode Island Bill Passed

July, 2003
From Pat Smith, LDA, 10:45 EST, July 2, 2003:

The RI bills, both senate and house versions (identical) passed through the senate a few minutes ago! LDA Co-chairs Lisa Larisa and Julie Merola, along with Janice Dey, RI support group leader, were present when it passed. LDARIC picketed all day today. Your calls and emails were wonderful. One senator stood up and said in all his years, he never had so many emails and calls.

I could hear the applause (over the phone) when it passed! Groundbreaking. One compromise had to be made to pass a bill with no amendments. It has a sunset provision which limits it to one year from passage. Then the results will be evaluated to see if it should be continued. We have high hopes for this. The Governor is expected to sign

LDA Rhode Island Chapter is to be commended for all there hardwork (other cochairs Lore Gray and Kim Tracey). Thanks to all of you and especially to the Rhode Island support groups for assistance in this last minute effort to save the bill.

In the near future, we will be putting together a plan to try and have similar legislation passed in other high incidence states. We will be contacting state Lyme group leaders to guage interest and check possibilities in the future.

Please email those you emailed before to thank them for passage!

Awesome job by LDARIC!!!!!!!!!!!!