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Online Book: In the Lymelight
The Lyme Quilt
Looking Good, Feeling Bad
The Faces of Lyme
Daryl Hall Interviews
Novelist Rebecca Wells' Lyme Story
Novelist Amy Tan's Lyme Experience
Success Stories
Rose's Story
Lyme Memorial Park Project
Boston Herald Guestbook Archive
Lyme Alliance Personal Stories Archive


Touched By Lyme
Casey's Lyme Diary
Lyme Bites
Bite Me Back Blog
A Lyme Disease Journal
Linda's Lyme Journal
Jenna's Lyme Blog
Annie's Lyme Journal
With a Twist of Lyme
Erik's MS & Blog

Patient Websites:

Denise's Story
James' Horror Story
Laura's (WildCondor) Lyme Journey
Lauren's story
Lori's Success Story
Pat's Lyme Story
Paula and Dawn's Stories
Physician as Patient
Silver and Bev's Stories
When Life Gives you Lyme
Dayle Ann's Life Under Revision
Nurse Mary's Struggle
Judy's Reality of Lyme Disease

Select Items In the Press:

Under Our Skin Lyme Documentary
Parker Posey Ticked Off by Lyme
Debbi Morgan Has Lyme
Swimmer Living with Lyme Disease
Living with Lyme Disease
M.S., Parkinson's, Or Simply Lyme Disease?
Living with Lyme
Family Unravels Lyme Disease
Woman wins fight for aid to get treatment
Andy's Lyme Battle
Golfer Tim Herron Diagnosed with Lyme
Brooke Landau's Medical Survival
Actress Jamie-Lynn (Sigler) Discala's book
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