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The following links are provided as a comprehensive collection of online resources involving alternative treatments for Lyme disease. These links are provided to assist in your own personal research, but do not imply endorsement. These alternative treatments should not replace the standard treatments for Lyme disease, such as antibiotics. Many of the links are geared toward those who have the chronic form of the disease, and LymeInfo advises extra caution when evaluating for-profit sites. The sites listed here are, for the most part, limited to specific 'remedies', as opposed to general health approaches. LymeInfo's position on this collection is that the mere quantity helps demonstrate that if any of these were truly miraculous, the list would be a lot shorter.

In order to receive treatment tailored to your own unique needs, Lymeinfo believes that it is always best to be treated by a licensed holistic practitioner knowledgeable about Lyme disease and/or any associated conditions you may experiencing. There are many self-proclaimed experts in the alternative health field with misleading titles, but one resource for finding a thoroughly trainined natural practitioner is

First Stops:

Books on Lyme Alternatives
Herbal Lyme Treatment
Glutathione Depletion-Methylation Cycle Block Hypothesis
2008: Vitamin D Deficiency Study Raises New Questions
Nutraceutical Breakthroughs in Lyme
Treating Lyme with Herbs and Homeopathics
Vitamins, Nutritional Supplements, and Herbs
LymeInfo: Candida
LymeInfo: Magnesium
LymeInfo: Thiamin

Doctor Articles:

Dr. Vojdani: Potential for CAM Intervention in Lyme
Dr. Bock: Integrative Treatment of Lyme Disease
Dr. Ehrlich: Lyme and Complementary Medicine
Dr. Klinghardt: A Look Beyond Antibiotics (.pdf)
Dr. Horowitz: Herbs, Hormones & Heavy Metals (.pdf)
Dr Bradford: Lyme Disease in Townsend Letter
Dr. Khan: TCM Approach to Lyme
Dr. Howenstine: More on Lyme in Townsend Letter
Dr. Whitmont: Homeopathy and Lyme Disease
Dr. Crist: Nutrient Deficiencies
Dr. Gardner: Treating Lyme Disease Naturally
Dr. Waterhouse: Synergy Health Newsletter
Dr. Burrascano: 2002 Nutritional Supplement Guidelines
Dr. Zand: Lyme Disease
Dr. Burgdorfer: From Penicillin to Mild Silver Protein
Dr. Kennedy: Lyme Disease and Cat's Claw
Prof. Nicolson: Therapy of Chronic Coinfections (see reports)

Other Articles:

Body Bio Detox
D. Chinnici's Alternative to Antibiotics
Glutathione Report (.pdf)
Vitamin C and Salt
Lyme Treatment with Chinese Herbs
Herbs with anti-Lyme potential
Buhner Protocol
In Vitro Test of Samento & Banderol
Herbs for Lyme Disease
Clear Toxic Heat
Green Pharmacy for Lyme
Healing Lyme with Herbs
How to Treat Lyme with Herbs
How to Treat Lyme with Natural Supplements
Holistic Treatments for Lyme
Treat Lyme with Chinese Herbal Medicines
Lyme Disease and Andrographis
Product- Spironil
Product- Biotox Elim
Product- Lyme-Aid
Lady Barbara's Garden
Lyme Herbal Formulas
Lyme Disease and Cat's Claw
Samento - Peruvian cat's claw
More on Samento
Artemesia for Babesiosis
Ridoxolan Immune SupportFormula
Spilanthes acmella
Zhang protocol discussion
More on Spilanthes
Botanical Treatment Video
Townsend Letter on the Therapy of Lyme
Lumbrokinase for Chronic Lyme
Naturopathic Perspective on Lyme Induced Autism
New Choices in Natural Healing Lyme
Alternative Medicine and Lyme
Lyme Disease: The Unknown Epidemic
Potential for Controlling Microbial Diseases
Guided Digital Medicine and Lyme Disease
Biochemistry of Lyme Disease
Better Health Guy's Approach
Envita Natural Med Centers
Taurox for Lyme
Lyme Regimen
Lyme Resource
Gale Encyclopedia of Alt Medicine
The Analyst- Lyme Disease
Lyme Alternative Treatment Website
Jernigan Neutraceuticals, Borrelogen
Lyme Homeopathic Formula
Borrelia Remedy Series
Borrelia Nosode
Supplements to take for Lyme
Kroeger Herb: Lyme Disease
SPK Formula
Immax and Spiro-kete
Neurotoxin elimination protocol (.pdf)
Lyme & Rife Website
The Incredible Healing Action of One Simple Herb
Thermoflow Shirts
Mixed Treatment Protocol
Bee Venom Protocol
Berkley Bedell, colostrum
More on Colostrum
Healing for Lyme Disease
Holistic Approach for Animals
The Standard Times, Myer's Cocktail
Lyme Disease Prevention & Curing
Homeopathic Ledum
Biofeedback Case Study (.pdf)
Paisley Place- Patient Page
Inhibitory Effects of Green Tea on Babesia
Grapefruit seed extract for motile and cystic forms of Bb (.pdf)
Vitamin A, E and C serum concentration of Bb patients
Increased Temperature against Bb
Mellitin's effects on Bb
Vitamin A deficiency exacerbates Lyme
Vitamin D in Immunology
Lyme disease with magnesium deficiency
Intravenous Immunoglobulin for Lyme
Immunoglobulin and Lyme seroconversion
Creatine in Neuro Disorders
Coenzyme Q10 and Gingko for Fibromyalgia
Chlorella for Fibromyalgia
Lack of a role for iron in the Lyme pathogen
Use of complementary therapies in arthritis patients
More Articles:
Kurt's Blog
Kay's Alternative Health
Lyme Matters Natural Alternatives Column
Lyme Information E-list: Keyword Search

Email Lists:

Buhner Protocol (Book: Healing Lyme)
Health Alternatives
Lyme Strategies
Mild Hyperbaric
Marshall Protocol Forum
Lyme Alternatives Forum
Infection & Inflammation

Alternative Practitioner Websites:

Also see the list of allopathic doctors in the LymeInfo Directory.

NP Julie Anderson, ARNP (WA)
Dr. Baker, MD (CA)
Dr. Bock, MD (NY)
Ms. Andrea Candee, Herbalist (NY)
Dr. Garzon, MD (DC)
Dr. Gazsi, ND (CT)
Dr. Gehring, DOM (NM)
Dr. Grodski, ND (BC, Canada)
Dr. Kalidas, MD, ND (FL)
Dr. Klinghardt, MD, PhD (WA)
Mr. Greg Lee, LA.c. (MD)
Dr's Li and Barre (NY)
Dr. Marra, ND (WA)
Dr. McFadzean, ND (CA)
Ms. Alane Palmer, CNC (GA)
Dr. Schmid, ND (CT)
Dr. Shoemaker, MD (MD)
Dr. Silverman, DC (NY)
Ms. Marjorie Singler, LA.c. (CA)
Ms. Rebecca Snow, CNS, RH (MD)
Dr. Vilensky, ND (NY)
Wholistic Physical Therapy (NY)
Dr. Zhang, Lic. Ac. (NY)
Zhang's Products
Sierra Integrative Medical Center
Lionville Natural Pharmacy

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy:

Effects of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy On Lyme Disease
What is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy? (HBOT)
An Overview of Lyme Disease and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
Hyperbaric Oxygen Approach
Hypberbaric Oxygenation for Lyme Vasculitis (.pdf)
High Pressure Oxygen Offers Hope For Lyme Disease, Post-Polio Syndrome
Hyperbaric Oxygenation for Polyneuropathy, and Lyme Disease a case report
Abstract- HBOT for the Treatment of Lyme Disease
Lyme Disease, by Connie Waltz
Lyme Disease, by Mitchell Hoggard
In vitro and in vivo findings of HBOT in Bb infection
HBO Discussion- Where to go
HBO Discussion- More Info
Scuba Diving Lymenet Discussion
Lyme-L Listserv HBO Discussion
Treatment Centers:
Florida: Ocean Hyperbaric
Florida: Orlando Hyperbaric
California: Chico Center
New York: Mahopac Hyperbarics
Nevada: Reno Hyperbarics
Washington: Seattle
Arizona: Oxygen Center
British Columbia: Advanced Hyperbaric
International Hyperbaric Centers
Mild Hyperbaric:
Article- Healing Chronic Illness at Home
Healing Chronic Illness at Home: Update
Oxyhealth Corporation
Hyperbaric Therapy Center
International Hyperbarics Association

Innovative Meds:

More on Questran
Marshall Protocol (Benicar)
More on the Marshall Protocol
3rd Page on Marshall Protocol
Diflucan & Penicillin
Low Dose Naltrexone

Product Websites:

IHerb- Good Prices
Needs, Inc.
Vitamin Shoppe
Puritan's Pride (discounts)
Nutramedix (Cat's Claw, etc.)
Garden of Life
Pharmax Neutraceuticals (.pdf)
Rexall for Lyme
Colloidal Research Products

Other Useful Items:

Worthwhile Reads
Useful Tests in CFS
7 Ways to Increase Body Temperature
8 Glyconutrients
Vitamin D Protocol
Restorative Yoga
Klinghardt Articles
Mercury Detoxification
Acid-Alkaline Balance and Health
Dietary Considerations
Promoting Mitochondrial Health
More on Neurotransmitters
Timing Increases Effect of Supplements
Oxygen Healing Therapies
Immune System and Lipid Metabolism
Liver Detox
Antibiotics and nutrient depletion
The Vitamin D Metabolites
Aspartame Toxicitiy
Neurofeedback Information
Yaz exercises
Foot Patches
Dr. See Treatment
Additional Products:
Teasel Herb
Nootropics for the brain
Methylcobalamin B-12
Understanding B-12
Cell Food
Meditropin Natural HGH Promoter
Magnesium and Malic Acid
Superfood Greens
Flaxseed oil
Essential Fats
Creatine for Disease
Artemesia: Antimalarial
Cordyceps Herb
Mannatech Products
SAMe Health Supplement
Olive Leaf Extract

Remedies for Other Conditions:

Health Sites for Lyme Patients
Candida Page
ProHealth Wellness (CFS & FMS)
Mycoplasma Guidelines
Gateway to Health website
Arthritis and Rheumatism Alternatives
CFS Herbal Treatment
MS: Best Bet Treatment