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On April 18, 2007, LymeInfo email list moderator Rose passed away unexpectedly at the age of 59. Rose had been a chronic Lyme patient and advocate for many years. She was a beautiful, compassionate, loving and supportive person. Rose was also a beautiful singer, and she enjoyed karaoke very much.

Karen J. "Rose" Rose served as LymeInfo moderator from 2002-2007. She had been previously known around the Lyme community for her postings on various Lyme email groups. All who knew her knew she was very warm, kind and dedicated. In joining LymeInfo, she was eager to make sure that the information needs of all Lyme patients were met. We all learned so much as a result of her energy and commitment. Rose was a good friend and will be missed dearly.

Rose had written, "For those of you who don't already know me, let me offer a little background explanation. I had never heard of Lyme disease until my 'official' diagnosis, and subsequent disability, in April 1995. However, my confusing, complex, and well-documented medical history strongly indicates that my Lyme infection occurred in 1958. My husband, James Martin was diagnosed a year later, and is also disabled from chronic, late-stage Lyme. His medical history also points to early-childhood infection.

"Since our dual-diagnoses, James and I have dedicated the majority of our time and energy to Lyme research, education, and advocacy, and have been involved with a number of online Lyme support groups. We've also met a lot of wonderful people along the way...too many people whose lives have been devastated by Lyme."

Rose was a woman of strong faith who was loved by so many. She left behind her husband James and beloved children Marc, Shelli and Amy.

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