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The posting of these segments by LymeInfo does not imply agreement with their content. Please compare the information in the videos with other sources, as there are some inaccuracies. If you are considering the Lyme vaccine for dogs, please first research differing viewpoints on this vaccine.

These videos are best viewed in Internet Explorer. (They might not even appear in some browsers.) To play, click the right arrow. To pause each video, click the button to the bottom left of the video. To view the video in full-screen, click on the blue square at the bottom of the video.

For more information on tick diseases in pets, see the Directory and Prevention Links at LymeInfo. It's best to purchase tick-prevention products through your pet's veterinarian. The collars are often less effective than the topical tick protection medications from the vet and pose other problems as presented in one of the videos below.





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