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Compiled By Melanie Reber

A-F | G-L | M-S | T-Z


A - F

ABX= antibiotics
AB= antibody
AC= before meals
AMA= Against Medical Advice
ART= Autonomic Response Testing
Babs= babesiosis
Bart= bartonella
Bb= Borrelia burgdorferi
BBB= blood brain barrier
bid= twice a day
biw= twice a week
bpm= beats per minute
BPP= blood pressure and pulse.
BTW= by the way
CAT= computerized axial tomography
CBC= complete blood count
CNS= central nervous system
CSF= cerebrospinal fluid
duck= quack doctor
dx= diagnosis
EEG= electroencephalogram
ELISA= enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay
EM= erythema migrans
EMG= electromyography
FWIW= for what it's worth

G - L

Herx= Jarish-Herxheimer reaction
HBO= Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy
HBOT= Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy
HLA= Human leukocyte antigens
hx= history of
IC= between meals.
ICHT= Intra cellular Hyperthermia treatment
ID= infectious disease
IFA= immunofluorescent assay
IgE= Immunoglobulin E
IgG= Immunoglobulin G
IgM= Immunoglobulin M
IM= intramuscular
IMHO= in my honest opinion
IMO= in my opinion
IV= intravenous
keets= spirochetes
LD= Lyme disease
LFT= Liver Function Test
LL= lyme literate
LLMD= Lyme Literate Medical Doctor
LOL= laugh out loud
LP= lumbar puncture
LUAT= Lyme Urine Antigen test


MAC= maximum allowable concentration
MIC= minimum inhibitory concentration of an antibacterial drug
MgD= magnesium-deficient.
MRI= magnetic resonance imaging.
NE= neurological examination.
Neuro= neurology, neurological
NCS= nerve conduction study
NK= natural killer cells
NM= neuromuscular.
NMH= neurally mediated hypotension
NP= nurse practitioner.
NSAID= non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
N/V= nausea vomiting
OCD= obsessive compulsive disorder
OD= once daily
OTC= over the counter
OV= office visit
PA= physician assistant
PCR= polymerase chain reaction
po= by mouth
POTS= postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome
prn= as needed
pt= patient
QAM= every morning
qd= once a day
qid= four times a day
QM= every morning
QOD= every other day
RIFE= electro-conducted frequency machine therapy
RMSF= Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever
ROTFLOL= rolling on the floor laughing out loud
Rx= prescription
sc= subcutaneous (under skin)
SPECT Scan= Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography
sx= symptom
syx= symptoms

T - Z

TBD= Tick Bourne Disease
TBI= tick borne illness
tid= three times a day
TTT= tilt table test
tx= treatment
UTI= urinary tract infection
VCS= visual contrast survey
WB= western blot

*Reprinted with permission