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January 29, 2004

The transcript from the January 29, 2004 Connecticut Hearing on Lyme Disease is available at Attorney General Blumenthal's website.

The transcript is in a "pdf" file format, which means that it must be viewed using adobe acrobat reader. Many people already have this program, but if you do not, there is a link at the bottom of this message that will allow you to download it free of charge.

Transcript, "Public Hearing Re: Lyme Disease":


To help you review the transcript, LymeInfo's moderators have compiled a list of speakers and their corresponding page numbers.

PAGES 1- 7: Attorney General Richard Blumenthal- Introductory Remarks
PAGES 7- 12: Commissioner of Health J. Robert Galvin- Introductory Remarks
PAGES 12- 18: Mr. Joshua Athenios, Patient
PAGES 18- 27: Ms. Caroline Baisley, Greenwich Director of Health and Patient
PAGES 27- 34: Ms. Mary Anne Foley, Patient
PAGES 34- 40: Ms. Jude Anne Jones, Patient
PAGES 40- 44: Ms. Donna Lake, Patient
PAGES 44-54 : Questions for Patient Panel I

PAGES 54- 59: Ms. Elise Brady-Moe, Patient
PAGES 59- 73: Ms. Jennifer and Ms. Katherine Reid, Patients
PAGES 73- 82: Ms. Tammy Szcepanski, Patient
PAGES 82- 90: Mr. Christopher Montes, Patient
PAGES 90- 97: Questions for Patient Panel II

PAGES 97- 106: Dr. Lawrence Zemel, Pediatrician
PAGES 106- 118: Dr. Robert Levitz, Physician
PAGES 118- 134: Dr. Steven Phillips, Lyme Literate Physician
PAGES 134- 153: Dr. Brian Fallon, Lyme Literate Psychiatrist/Researcher
PAGES 153- 166: Dr. Richard Tilton, Microbiologist
PAGES 166- 177: Dr. Melinda Ramsby, Physician
PAGES 177- 188: Dr. Stephen Sinatra, Physician Patient
PAGES 188- 197: Dr. Katherine Kelley, CT Dept of Public Health Laboratory
PAGES 197- 215: Dr. Amiram Katz, Lyme Literate Neurologist
PAGES 215- 228: Panel and Audience Comments

PAGES 228- 233: Post-Recess Introductory Remarks
PAGES 233- 242: Dr. Paul Mead, NCID, Centers for Disease Control
PAGES 242- 255: Dr. Phillip Baker, NIAID, NIH
PAGES 255- 276: Questions and Comments

PAGES 276- 312: Dr. James Hadler, CT Dept of Health
PAGES 312- 330: Dr. James Rokos, Torrington Health District
PAGES 330- 344: Dr. Johnnie Lee, Stamford Health and Social Services
PAGES 344- 354: Ms. Cheryl Carotenuti, CT Department of Education
PAGES 354- 379: Dr. Kirby Stafford, CT Agricultural Experiment Station
PAGES 379- 388: Comments

We would like to direct you, in particular, to the testimony of Dr. Phillips starting on page 118. His testimony covers the persistence of Lyme bacteria in patients who have been treated.

To download a free version of adobe acrobat reader, see: