January 31 OPMC Flyer

NOTE: This Action Alert Has Expired


It is extremely important that as many Lyme disease patients as possible from across the country attend the upcoming NYS Assembly hearing on the workings of the OPMC. This will be on January 31st at 10am at 250 Broadway, Manhattan (NYC) in the Assembly Hearing Room, Room 1923.

As you may know, this is the second of two NYS Assembly hearings into the workings of the Office of Professional Medical Conduct (OPMC) which Lyme patients charge has harrassed physicians who treat chronic Lyme disease. This hearing is being held by not only the Health Committee, as in the previous hearing, but also by the Education and the Codes Committees which are also involved in licensing of physicians in NYS. It is essential that we show up in huge numbers to show these additional Assembly members and the media   the numbers of people affected by the OPMC harrassment of Lyme disease doctors.

REMEMBER THAT THE PURPOSE OF COMING IS TO STAND UP AND BE COUNTED. PLEASE REMEMBER TO BRING A PICTURE ID. PLEASE WEAR A GREEN RIBBON, OR ANY LYME SWEAT-SHIRTS OR T-SHIRTS YOU MIGHT HAVE. We want to make it completely clear that the hundreds of people entering the building are there because of Lyme disease. The focus of this hearing is not on the Lyme scientific controversy, as was the previous hearing (at which the legislators heard about 9 hours of science), but on the OPMC and how it has abused its power and ignored issues of legal due process.   It is hoped that the hearing will lead to legislation on OPMC reform and, while that is definitely one of our goals, we have the additional ongoing goal of urging the Assembly to make an IMMEDIATE resolution SPECIFICALLY about the OPMC's harrassment of Lyme disease doctors.  

As you may know, the OPMC has appealed and is trying to overturn the largely favorable decision in Dr. Burrascano's case.   This is one reason that it is absolutely urgent that we show up in great numbers to make a visual impact on the Assembly and media. We need to make them see that the OPMC's actions against our LLMD's are unacceptable to many patients and must be stopped.

SUBWAY: 250 Broadway is on the corner of Broadway and Park Place. The building is directly across form City Hall Park. The building has a large sign on it called Duane Reed, which is the name of a pharmacy.

FROM PORT AUTHORITY BUS STATION: Walk to 42nd Street and 7th Avenue. Take the downtown Seventh Avenue #2 Express to Park Place.

FROM GRAND CENTRAL STATION: Take the Downtown Lexington IRT line, the 4 or 5 EXPRESS train (must be express). The train is inside of Grand Central Station. Get off at the Brooklyn Bridge station. Get off at the Front of the train or when getting off walk towards the front of the train. Go up the stairs, turn right and go thru the turnstile. Go up the stairs on your right side to the street level. Go left along Chambers St. 1 block. Then you will be on the corner of Chambers and Broadway. On the corner of Broadway and Chambers cross Broadway to the other side. Walk downtown on Broadway to the next street, which is Warren Street. Cross Warren onto Murray St., cross Murray onto Park Place. You now are on the corner of Broadway and Park Place. You will see the Duane Reed sign and now enter in the main entrance of 250 Broadway.

FROM PENN STATION 34th STREET:Take the Downtown 7th Ave., the #2 train. Get off at Park Place. (10 Stops.) You will be right on the corner of Broadway and Park Place. Enter the building on Broadway.

TAXIS FROM PENN OR GRAND CENTRAL STATION: There are taxi stands outside of each station. Because you will be getting there during rush hour, the trip downtown might take half an hour and cost $10 to $15 (plus tip), divided between those sharing the cab.

PARKING GARAGES: If you plan to drive, it is advised that you park uptown and take public transportation downtown. The building of the hearing is 2 blocks from 911 Ground Zero making parking virtually impossible. Ask someone in the street if you're not sure of where to go.

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