March 27th 2001 Lobby Day Flyer

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March, 2001

Two of the most prominent physicians in the treatment of chronic Lyme disease, Dr. Joseph Burrascano and Dr. Richard Horowitz are currently being unjustly tried by the Office of Professional Medical Conduct (OPMC), the medical licensing arm of the New York State Department of Health.

Both Dr. Burrascano and Dr. Horowitz are at risk of losing their licenses to practice medicine essentially because of their willingness to offer aggressive treatment to chronic Lyme disease patients.

They are being tried by an OPMC that has stated in writing that they believe that Lyme disease is almost always cured by 3 weeks of antibiotics! [Webmasters Note: See OPMC Letters ]

If the OPMC is permitted to go ahead with these trials and take the licenses from these doctors, it will have a chilling effect on the medical climate throughout the country, with most Lyme patients losing their access to effective care.


1) LEGAL DEFENSE FUNDS: Financial contributions are urgently needed to provide the best possible legal defense for these physicians.

For contributions to Dr. Horowitz's Legal Defense Fund, please mail to:
Horowitz Legal Defense Fund
c/o Monica Miller
PO Box 410
Kinderhook, NY 12106

Contributions for Dr. Burrascano should be mailed to:
Burrascano Legal Defense Fund
c/o Monica Miller
PO Box 410
Kinderhook, NY 12106

2) LOBBY DAY: If you are a New York State resident, or if you are being treated for Lyme disease by a New York State physician, it is essential that you attend Lobby Day on March 27th. New Yorkers will travel to Albany to attend a teach in and to meet with legislators to advocate for:
---- Legislative hearings to investigate the bias of the OPMC in regard to Lyme disease physicians AND a MORATORIUM on the OPMC's action against the Lyme doctors until such hearings can be held.
---- Reform of the laws governing the OPMC which have permitted them to use their police power to enforce bias and violate patient's rights to treatment choice.

We need large numbers of Lyme disease patients, family and friends in order to show our legislators that this is an important New York State issue. If you live in New York State or are treated by a Lyme disease physician in New York State, please sign up with:
a) Sue at or 413-247-5884.
b) (After 3/18/01) Joan at or 212-932-0359

Voices of Lyme
Voices of Lyme is a grassroots organization of Lyme disease patients.

Lobby Day
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